Northwell Health Patient App

In the fall of 2018 I moved within Northwell to the Digital Patient Experience Transformation Team (DPX) to build and lead their User Experience Team. As the Director of User Experience for this new area of the organization, my first goal was to staff an in-house user experience team to support their goals.

DPX has a transformation mandate to assess where we are as an enterprise from a digital perspective related to the patients journey, and identify where we can leverage digital mindsets, digital tools, and digital experiences to change our relationship with our patients over the long term. I hired 7 UX Designers, 2 UX Researchers and 1 UX Writer over the course of 2 years to support this mission.

My team has designed every feature that an App would need when being built from scratch – for both Android & iOS, and also extending our services to the Web. We focus on creating beautiful designs to bring patients the features that they not only want but need using our home grown 7 design principles:

  1. Put people first
    Continually prioritize and advocate for the needs of people of all ages, cultures and abilities. Remember that disabilities can be permanent, temporary, situational, or changing.
  2. Keep it simple
    Create frictionless experiences that don’t overwhelm. Help people efficiently navigate their care.
  3. Be consistent
    Be consistent in both process and solutions. Don’t always reinvent the wheel.
  4. Stay collaborative
    Collaborate early and often with others across verticals, teams, and platforms.
  5. Design for scale
    Create solutions that are flexible and can grow. Keep all use cases and systems in mind.
  6. Know the goals
    Define the problem before anything else. Ask why, then ask why again. Balance the goals of the patient and the business.
  7. Learn, learn again
    Understand problems and solutions through data and testing.

Meet my awesome team:



People ignore design that ignores people.