Feedback Processing

Northwell’s Digital Patient Experience Team has a lot of patient facing features that give users the ability to send feedback related to their experience in context.  Whether it be from the App store itself or telling us how your virtual visit went after you disconnect with your provider, we want to hear how we are doing! Getting users to report feedback is a great achievement but what we do with that feedback is the real challenge – especially when there is a lot of it!

After recognizing this as a gap in our program that we could improve upon to bring more visibility to this feedback – it was previously managed inside of databases or spreadsheets only – I took a look at other processes we have inside of our program.  We have a very strong support team that uses a platform called Azure DevOps to manage feedback that is reported by our users directly in our app. I thought to myself “What if we used this platform as the single place that all feedback would drive to? How would that affect our workflows and improve our ability to see more data and generate better reporting on data?”

I led this effort brining in various teams to get their feedback on how this would improve their workflows and made sure everyone felt like they involved in the development of this process that ultimately would affect their workflow. After months of discussions, and months of development and testing we launched a platform that meets the mark for what we set out to do.  Now each team is empowered to look at feedback related to their area and we have a birds eye view of all feedback as a program. As new processes can be daunting for some, I created training materials that included videos to help easy the transition.