Journey Mapping

As a visionary leader in experience design, I spearheaded the Advanced Surgical Pavilion Journey Mapping project to elevate the patient experience at our hospital during the surgical process. The primary objective was to create a comprehensive journey map that meticulously detailed the current patient experience, highlighting pain points and uncovering opportunities for improvement. This endeavor was driven by a commitment to aligning our practices with the patient pillars, ensuring that the core values of our healthcare institution were reflected in every step of the surgical journey.

Key Contributions:

Comprehensive Experience Analysis: I led a cross-functional team in conducting an in-depth analysis of the entire patient journey, from pre-operative preparations to post-surgical care. This thorough examination allowed us to identify and understand the nuances of each touchpoint, fostering a holistic view of the patient experience.

Categorization According to Patient Pillars: To align our findings with our institution’s patient-centric values, we categorized identified pain points and opportunities according to our established patient pillars. This strategic approach enabled us to pinpoint areas where the current experiences fell short and discern which improvements would yield the most significant rewards in terms of patient satisfaction and overall quality of care.

Identification of Pain Points and Opportunities: By categorizing and analyzing the journey map through the lens of patient pillars, we not only identified specific pain points but also uncovered latent opportunities for enhancement. This provided valuable insights into areas where targeted improvements could be implemented to enhance the overall surgical experience.

Strategic Roadmap for Improvement: The project culminated in the creation of a strategic roadmap for improvement, outlining actionable steps to address identified pain points and leverage opportunities. This roadmap serves as a guide for enhancing the patient experience, aligning with our institution’s commitment to continuous improvement and patient-centric care.


The Advanced Surgical Pavilion Journey Mapping project has equipped our institution with a nuanced understanding of the patient experience during surgical procedures. The insights gained through this initiative have paved the way for targeted improvements, ensuring that our practices align seamlessly with our patient pillars. By strategically addressing pain points and leveraging opportunities, we are poised to elevate the surgical journey, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction and reinforcing our commitment to excellence in healthcare.